Jun 23, 2009

Jessica & Jordan

I met the groom-to-be while shooting a wedding in '08. He was the wedding singer at a beautiful wedding up on Raven Rock golf course. Ironically a year later his fiance, Jessica, was looking for a wedding photographer and he suggested she call me.
The story of how they met and fell in love is so serendipitous! Jessica is a physical therapist at PMC. Jordan had gotten word from a couple of friends (on separate occasions) about this beautiful blonde who worked at the hospital he just had to meet. So a few days go by and Jordan is driving to Lexington for work. He gets a phone call from an unrecognizable number. He answers. It was an old family friend he hadn't seen or heard from in years. She was calling to ask Jordan about his love life. When he told her it was non-existent she began to tell him how he needed to meet this girl. She would be perfect for him. She goes to church, has a great job, and not only is she gorgeous but she's just as sweet as she is pretty.
Jordan interrupted the lady and said, "Her name's not Jessica is it?" Amazingly it was!
This was the third person (unbeknown to Jessica) that had told Jordan about this great girl. So, he gets her phone number and calls her. They go out on their first date and right away they both knew it was something special. Soon after they fell madly in love and Jordan asked her to marry him. Jessica said yes of course and they set the date for an October wedding.
I can tell you, from my experience with the two of them that they 110% are crazy for one another.
I look forward to shooting their wedding this fall and being a part of their special day.

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