Homemade Organic Baby Food

Branson is 10 months old now! I can't believe it. I've been making his food for 6 mo. now. I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted to give him organic, homemade baby food. But after he developed his milk protein allergy at 3.5 weeks old, I was convinced that I would monitor every morsel that went into his body. I guess this makes me a control freak of sorts. Not being able to breastfeed my child was so hard. It is the most natural way to nurture your child. The fact that he was allergic broke my heart. I pumped for weeks while eliminating dairy from my diet, hoping that he'd only be allergic to lactose. But that wasn't the case. He tested positive for blood in his stool, just like his 1st cousin Brooklyn. Then we discovered his liver & spleen were enlarged! He was underweight and for about 3 wks did not gain an ounce. We were scared. Needless to say all of these events reiterated my plan of making his food. If I couldn't feed him myself, I would KNOW 100% exactly what was going in Branson's lil' body.
Six months later, here we are. He's healthy. His liver enzymes are normal now and he's growing like a weed.
Just gonna post some photos of what I've made over the last several months. If anyone wants a recipe, comment or msg me on FB.