Aug 13, 2009

Meet Lynlee, Pikeville High Student Rep

Lynlee is our Senior Student Rep from Pikeville High School. This summer she was a lifeguard and we thought it'd be fun to do some pool shots. It was sooooo cold. Thank you for being a good sport...and you can't even see her goosebumps!

Lynlee has amazing eyes and the camera loves her. This photo reminds me of a magazine ad. I love it when my subjects want to have a non-traditional photoshoot. I am proud to capture photos that reflect my style of photography AND the model's style and personality too.

Did I mention her shoes? Luv 'em. Lynlee looks great in bold colors. I love her style!

You gotta love a Southern girl! This is such an all-american, down home portrait of a Kentucky girl. LUV IT!

Thanks girl! Have a great Senior yr!

Aug 3, 2009

Have a little Faith (and Hope)!

This was such an easy assignment for me. I met Faith & Hope last October at their big sister's wedding in east Tennessee. I met my husband at that wedding and he is their first cousin. Now we're all family!! Its funny how my wedding clients went from clients to family members. I think I owe them a refund!! LOL

Faith and Hope are recent graduates of SVHS, where they ranked #1 and #2 in their class! I soon realized that the twins & I had something in common (aside from being a twin myself). We LOVE shoes! Their sessions were literally like playing dress-up. It was so much fun choosing their clothes, accessories, of and course shoes. Oh, and I wear the same size which is great b/c they have some hot heels! ;)

Honestly, they're probably the most photogenic subjects I've ever photographed. We had such a good time at the studio and around Pikeville playing with different colors and funky walls/scenic backdrops in the city.

Thanks Kathy for being my #1 lip gloss technician and professional reflector holder!

We're so proud of you girls and hope you have a great freshman year at U.K.

Good Luck!!

Faith looked so good with this blue garage door. I love this shot.

This is my favorite image of Hope. I love the urban feel. She looks like a model!

Welome To The World Alivia Williams

This gorgeous baby is the newest member to the Williams family. Proud parents Jill & Jason welcomed home Alivia just one month before her photo session.

Alivia slept during most of her session, but I was able to capture this stunning "baby head shot" before she snoozed off again.

Sleeping beauty on a bed of roses.