Sep 1, 2009

Hallmark Moment

For those of you that don't already know. Two of my pet portraits were chosen for Hallmark greeting cards. This pug shot was my '08 birthday card.

I photographed Junior for a friend in Nashville. He had recently been shipped off to Atlanta for obedient school, so it was easy to have him sit still. I hid some dog biscuits in my pocket and every time I said "Wanna biscuit?", he made this funny expression. This shot cracks me up. You can find this card at Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and Hallmark Gold Crown stores across the country.

This is Sophie. Sophie was photographed at my old studio in Nashville. She graces the cover of my second Hallmark (thank you) card.

Looks like she's ready to tango. Ha Ha

I offer a discounted rate for pet photo sessions. They're $75 for one pet, $15 for each additional pet.

Ava & Peyton

Little miss Ava Kate Skirvin belongs to proud parents Allison & Justin. Ava was only 6 weeks old when we shot these photos. I think she looks just like her big brother Peyton.

Peyton is three and loves to put on a show! Here are some of my favorite shots.


I love his eyes. He has the biggest eyelashes, just like his momma. Look out pre-schoolers, this young man is a heart breaker!

This little smile came out of nowhere.

He sure loves his sister. What sweet babies!

He's so cute...Its BANANAS!

This cute little monkey is the proud baby boy of Gary & April Fields.

Brody is 7 mos. old and has the most beautiful brown eyes you've ever seen. I could just eat him up!

Capturing little moments like these really make my job so rewarding. I love the shot of April smelling Brody's little neck.

Brandt & Gary grew up together, so they're like family to us. We can't wait to watch Brody grow. We love you little monkey!

Secret Garden

I am so in love with this garden! I shoot here a few times a year and its my absolute favorite outdoor location in Kentucky.

Shawna Haywood Comer, my best girlfriend from middle school and high school is now a mommy of two. Kennedy and her baby brother Anderson are so photogenic. Kennedy is amazing in front of a camera. She's a trained dancer and it definitely shows in her portraits. Her posture is so graceful and she follows direction like no other child I've ever photographed.
I have been photographing Kennedy for several years now and she's become my little muse.

I love this shot of Anderson. For a few months now I've been playing with glare from the sun trying to get really soft, ethereal colors. I love how it looks dreamy. He is such a sweet little boy. Shawna and Kerry said we could borrow their kids anytime we wanted! LOL