Jul 13, 2009

Fuller Family

The Fuller session took place here in Pikeville. I just love this town! The city park is a great backdrop for portraits.

Collier & his little sis, Caroline had a great time playing in the fountain. Maybe we should have shot these pics last!!?

The bridge photos are my favorite. I love to capture children playing because it is so natural and spontaneous.

Thanks Megan & Rodney for being so easy going with our location choices. You have a beautiful family and it shows in your photos. :)

Welcome Home Grant

I recently photographed baby Grant & his big brother Conner. Proud parents Christi & Nathan welcomed home Grant Reed just weeks ago.

Although I shoot several weddings, babies & toddlers are the most rewarding of all. I love that it keeps me on my toes.

I have to move fast because chances are you have only a 2-3 minutes to get the shot, especially when working with toddlers. Conner did a wonderful job for me and I'm proud of the shots we got.

Welcome home Baby Grant!!

Jul 2, 2009

Goodbye Little Red Car

Today is sort of a sad day. My husband & I are trading in his red Porsche Boxter. We love it and have lots of memories in that car. But, its not practical and there's no room for a baby (in the future).

Ironically, I was searching through my pro lab and found this amazing photographer named Michelle Reed. She is in Naples, FL. Her wedding work has graced the covers of many bridal and photo magazines!

Well, to my surprise Brandt called her and scheduled a private class this July!!!! AAAH!!! I'm so excited! I love networking with other photogs' and I can't wait to absorb her knowledge!

So, my porche photos pay homage to Michelle's work. She has a red porsche too and shot a fantastic photo of a bride with her little red car. So, I thought I'd give it a try, put my twist on it, but use myself in the image.

I set up the shot today (in between bouts of rain), and had my 11 yr. old cousin, Nash snap the pics! He may be competition for me in the future. ;)

OOH Last but not least...thank you Ky Mtn. Bride for the dress and shoes!!! I love Kaye & Connie. They have gorgeous dresses, shoes & accessories. Check out their website under our Links section of deanajohnson.com.

ALSO don't forget to check out Michelle's site: www.michellereedphotography.com