Apr 2, 2011

Food Storage

I make Branson's food in bulk and freeze it. I have several containers ranging from the Williams-Sonoma beaba silicone pods ($25) to Dollar General plastic tubs ($1). This is frozen mango and strawberry applesauce. I froze them in the DG plastic tubs. If I use the WS pods or the cheap DG brand I still cover EVERYTHING in plastic wrap. I have noticed that I get freezer burn if I don't do this. I think making sure you let the purees come to room temperature can prevent freezer burn.

I also DO NOT microwave the plastic. I run warm water over them and pop them into a glass dish like the one above in the photo. Then I  nuke it for 1 minute.

Beaba silicone storage pods

The perfect Pair*

Harry & David pears are de-lish!

Pair of Pears ;)

Pear Puree

My mother in law got us a gift from Harry & David's fruit of the month club. Their pears are unreal! I didn't like pears until I tried these. You have to eat them standing over the sink because the juice runs down your arm! Branson LOOOOVES THEM.

Peas on Earth

Peas (before straining)

The peas were too lumpy for Branson and I had to strain them by pressing the peas w/ a rubber spatula through a metal, mesh strainer.

Too runny! But pretty pic.

Final product! I added the 1st batch of lumpy peas to the second one and this was the right consistency.

First bite of baby food!!!!!!!! Peas are nummmeee!

Baby Food Photos

I love this series of photos. So funny!
Uh oh, all gone!
Waaaah!!!!!! More!!!!!!

I think this is pumpkin...

More Food

I have time mgmt issues. My goodness it is SO HARD to be a SAHM, work as a pt photog' and keep up w/ the house & laundry. Sadly, blogging is last on my list.
Butternut Squah

Sweet Potatoes
As Brandt & Branson nap on this pretty Saturday I am gonna try to post some baby food pics.