Apr 2, 2011

Food Storage

I make Branson's food in bulk and freeze it. I have several containers ranging from the Williams-Sonoma beaba silicone pods ($25) to Dollar General plastic tubs ($1). This is frozen mango and strawberry applesauce. I froze them in the DG plastic tubs. If I use the WS pods or the cheap DG brand I still cover EVERYTHING in plastic wrap. I have noticed that I get freezer burn if I don't do this. I think making sure you let the purees come to room temperature can prevent freezer burn.

I also DO NOT microwave the plastic. I run warm water over them and pop them into a glass dish like the one above in the photo. Then I  nuke it for 1 minute.

Beaba silicone storage pods

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  1. Hey Deana!

    I'm so glad I found your blog!!! I could use helpful tips like these future - total baby dummy here hoping to get it together before my child ever figures out I have no clue what I'm doing ;)

    Branson is SUCH a cutie!! Your family is absolutely adorable. Have a fabulous Easter weekend!