Aug 14, 2010


These two beautiful boys came to my home studio a few weeks ago. I am so in love with this shot!! It looks so natural and relaxed. I wish everyone could see their beautiful blue eyes. Gage looks just like his dad, Tony, and Gavin looks exactly like Bridgette, his momma. What a beautiful family!

Big brother Gage is the best little helper. I had Branson in his bouncy chair and he started to cry. While I was shooting pics of Gavin I turned to check on Branson (bc he'd stopped crying) and there stood Gage w/ him in his arms! What a little man!! He'd gone over, gave him his pacifier and picked him up. I almost cried. So, of course I had to snap a picture. :)

Oh my gosh this tugs at my heart. He looks so proud. :)

His mother is going to have to fight off all the girls with a stick! Not only is Gage an awesome big brother but he's also a state champion baseball player. Gage plays baseball with my nephew Jackson. This season they went to nationals in Michigan after winning the state title.

I love this shot of Gage. He's fast!!

Baby drool! I think this is so funny. No way would I ever edit out the slobber. :) It adds character to the photo. Look at his baby mohawk! What a cutie.

Precious! Makes me want another boy. :)

Isaac is 3!

Little boys just melt my heart. Isaac was so energetic and cooperative for his bday session. Each year his momma has a photo shoot w/ his favorite toy. This year its Mickey Mouse!

This is my favorite from his session. He looks like such a big boy. :) Love the hands in his pockets.

Happy Birthday little man!

Aug 6, 2010

Grayson Reed

This is a 6 mo. session I shot here at my home studio. Grayson is such a ham in front of the camera!!! I love this shot. Check out the drool running down his chin!Now its bathtime!

He's such a happy baby. Probably the easiest baby to photograph, especially at this age. All he did was giggle.  Mark & Danielle make really pretty babies. :)

Brooklyn Gray

This is my beautiful niece, Brooklyn. I shoot photos every couple months of Miss Bumble B.  She is the sweetest baby girl with the prettiest brown eyes you've ever seen.

Miss B. at four months. Little miss sunshine!

Cutie pie! This was my fave. Brooklyn is becoming a pro in front of the camera. Coming SOON Bumble B's 6 mo. session...


Since becoming a new mommy my love for newborn photography has been rekindled. These itty bitties are my absolute favorite to photograph. If you're interested in a newborn session email me through
Sessions need to be scheduled in your 8th-9th month of pregnancy. A newborn session should take place before the baby is 2 weeks of age. This will ensure your angel is sleeping soundly, doesn't have baby acne (which normally occurs after 2 wks), and positioning the baby is much easier.

Here are some of my faves:

This is Miss B. She is my beautiful niece. I shot this on my sister-n-law's couch!

This lil' angel is Adalyn Grace. She's 5 days old in this photograph. I shot this in the client's home, which is something I offer for new mommies. Sometimes its easier if I come to you to shoot  your newborn session. Email me if you're interested in an at-home session.

Mr. Griffin Hayse was 6 days old when I traveled to east Tennessee to photograph his session...And I was 34 weeks pregnant! This shot was taken in his nursery. Its one of my all-time favorite photographs.

This is has not been edited!! I didn't realize Griffin was peeing because I was focused on his sweet smile. I was sitting in the floor and felt something warm (and wet) on my foot. In his one session he peed on both my feet!!
 It was worth every drop. :)

I'm Baaaack!

>I haven't blogged in months. I took a break while pregnant and now that Branson Jude is finally here (and he's perfect) I've decided to catch up on all my blogginess.

Being a mommy is the most gratifying job you can imagine. I am SO IN LOVE with my lil' boy. Brandt & I just sit and watch him sleep sometimes. We feel so incredibly blessed that God chose US to be his mommy and daddy.

Here are some of our baby's photos.