Jun 4, 2009

About Deana

Well hello there and welcome to our blog! My name is Deana Williams Johnson. I was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. I graduated photography school in 2003 from Nashville State Technical Institute. I love beautiful lighting, thanks to my friend and mentor, Skip Jackson. Skip is the backbone of the photo program at Nashville State. He teaches digital and lighting. That man could light a golf ball so beautifully that you'd want to marry it!! He does actually have a great shot of a golf ball that is really gorgeous. LOLI recently married the LOVE of my life, Brandt Johnson. We have a home studio in Pikeville, KY.I travel all around the country shooting portraits and weddings. You can see me in '09 in New York, South Dakota, New Orleans, Nashville and all over KY.If I were to try to explain my shooting style I say: quirky, casual, relaxed, modern, sassy, and ever changing.A photo session with me is sooo comfortable. I've never met a stranger. I'll talk your head off and you won't feel a bit camera shy.I don't limit my sessions to minutes or x-amount of frames. I shoot your session until we are both satisfied with the end results. Sometimes I'll take 1 1/2 to two hours to achieve this and sometimes we can get it in 30 minutes. I'm open to new ideas and techniques and I'm big on not having your portraits look like anyone elses. I love uniqueness and having a client's images reflect their personality.I love love love photographing animals and I actually have my own Hallmark greeting cards. My designs and greetings were chosen among 7,000 entries to be published and printed in Hallmark, and other retail stores across the globe! So if you have a fur baby, bring it on over and lets get some photos of you and your waggy tailed friend.BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! Just found out last week one of my dog photos will be on another Hallmark card!!! Look for it this summer on a Thank You card!!!!Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!Deana Johnson

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