Jun 4, 2009

About Rhi

About Rhiannon Hedrick-SukedanaHello! My name is Rhiannon Hedrick Sukedana and I too grew up in Eastern Kentucky. I graduated from Prestonsburg with Deana in 1997 and went to Morehead State University. While at MSU, I studied Music and Psychology where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2002. This is the time in my life where photography and traveling became a hobby and a passion. Towards the end of my studies at MSU, I got the chance to travel to the Caribbean and fell in love with culture! From then on out, Eastern Kentucky was something that had to wait as I had to get out there and travel. After completing University, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and work traveling with a major cruise line where I became even more inspired with photography and photographing diverse people, lots of color, architecture, culture, and events. This was a huge moment in my life because all these years I was afraid of change. I packed my bags and off I went to Boston where my life changed forever.I have photographed all throughout the US in places like Key West, Miami, Charleston SC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Lexington, Memphis, New Orleans, and all over Hawaii to name just a few. Also, I have photographed in at least 30 different countries in Asia, South America, and North America-heavily throughout Central America, Caribbean and Indonesia. While working on board a ship in Hawaii, I met my husband, Wayan Sukedana, from Bali, Indonesia. This man is so amazing and there is no one in this entire world like him! We traveled everywhere together and sought out some wild and amazing things! Traveling to Bali for the first time was so exciting and I absorbed everything from the sights, sounds, the riches of the lands, the poorest of poverty, and fell in love with their culture and the ways of the Balinese. Many people from his village have never had their picture taken ever until I came! Thanks to me, almost everyone there has a portrait. I donated one of my digital cameras to them to capture moments like weddings, ceremonies, and everyday moments.My true passion with photography is finding natural moments and making them into art. I love photographing people and capturing them in their element. I love shooting at Sporting Events, Weddings, and Portraits. I truly believe that everyone has something about them that is unique and specifies who they are... I love bringing that out in with my camera. I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to work along with Deana!!!!

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