Jun 4, 2009

Amber & Adam

Here's the story of Amber & Adam, as told to us by our bride to be...

We were both attending Pikeville College. Adam was busy with baseball and I was busy with practicing for The Nutcracker. We were also both taking Biology 101. One day I was in the dance studio and one of the dance teachers, Michelle Rowe, asked if I knew Adam Collins. I told her I knew of him, but I didn't know him personally. She said she new him and she thought we would be perfect for each other. She begged me to just say a simple hello to Adam. I told her I couldn't do that! So, she said, "Well, tell him that Michelle says hello!" I figured there was no harm in that. Well, several days passed by and I couldn't get up the nerve to tell him in person, so I messaged him on Facebook! He said that he got so nervous and excited just seeing the messsage. Well, the next day we were dissecting pigs in Biology class. We had always sat on opposite ends of the room, but on this day my seat was taken and the only seat left was beside Mr. Right! I know it is kind of gross, but I guess you can say we started falling for each other during that week of dissection! About a week later, after talking and messaging, we had our first date at my apartment with some friends where we watched Elf. Since then we have been through some tough times, but God had a plan all along. We are so thankful and blessed that God placed us together!

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