Dec 22, 2009

Jordan & Sydney

I've known Char for over 10 years. She's one of my BEST friends, more like sisters really. Once ever few months I try to document Jordan & Syd'. It has been a blessing to watch them grow up. They're so big now. Jordan is in kindergarten! Here are my favorite photos from their fall session.

This shot above is so precious! Makes me wanna cry!

This shot is so sweet. It was spontaneous. He just wrapped his little arms around her. I love the position of her hands too. Its so natural and sweet.

This shot of Syd' is my fave! I love how the focus is on her beautiful blue eyes. Her hair is so fluffy! I think the fall leaves in the background really compliment her blonde locks. :) What a beautiful little girl!

This is Jordan's best shot. He has

the most handsome brown eyes and long

black eyelashes.

His momma is going to have the fight off the

first graders!

What a charmer. :)

This is one of my FAVORITE children portraits I've ever taken. They were giggling and rolling around in the leaves and I just snapped away. I love this shot.

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