Jan 14, 2011

This & That

Hello All! Just posting previous work, trying to get caught up on this blog...

My studio is here at our home. I am currently working out of our media room but my actual 'studio' is a big room on the 3rd floor that my dad & uncle finished out for me. Its technically the attic but it makes a great studio, but its still is not heated... So, until I get it finished I shoot out of the media room. But I have no windows in that room so I rely strictly on my lights. 

Showing off his big boy toofers! I love this one but I cropped off his head accidentally.
Before I started shooting professionally I used natural lighting for all of my portraits and I really miss the way window lighting looks and feels. So, for Branson's last photo shoot I put him in a toy basket in my living room and snapped a few. Here's what I got:

I love the vintage feel of this one.

The the ratio of shadow and light that window light produces. I really like the tone of this one too. I chose a more magenta colored sepia for a vintage feel.

This one is my favorite. I really like the composition and I LOVE the way it looks like he's just peacefully sneaking a peak at me. This cracks me up because it looks like such a beautiful moment between the two of us but really I snapped this so quickly. What you can't see is I edited the vent in the bottom left and the electrical sockets. ;0)
I was terrified the basket was going to tip over. My dad is inches away from him, ready to grab him if he had fallen over!

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