Jan 9, 2011


I buy the bags of baby carrots to save me time. This way I don't have to cut and peel them. They take probably double or triple the amount of time to steam as do other veggies. I don't measure the amount of water. I 'eyeball' it. I also don't use the Beaba machine because I need to steam these on high and the beaba doesn't get quite hot enough.
So, I add the entire bag of baby carrots to my medium stock pot (actually the steam basket). I then pour approximately 4-6 cups of distilled water in the bottom of the pot and cover them. I steam these for 20 min or until for tender. Remove the carrots and reserve the water. I usually don't have the time to do this all in one step. Mostly after my food and reserved water has cooled down I wrap them up in the fridge and blend it the next day or sometimes two days. You can even pour some of the water back over the food to ensure it stays hydrated. It makes it easier to puree`.
 Make sure your carrots are very fork tender the 1st couple of times I under cooked them and had to sautee the blended chunks in the bottom of the pot because they weren't blending smoothly.

This is hilarious! As you can see it took a while for us to get the eating with a spoon thing down pat. Despite the expression, he enjoyed them!

Total Cost: $1.99 for a one lb. bag of organic carrots (16 0z).

Earth's Best Organic Carrots: $9.99 for a 12-pk of 4 0z jars.     I save $4.00

Amazon.com has 20 0z of Gerber carrots (2.5 tubs) @ $25.00!!!!  That's $1.25 per 0z!

 My cost

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