Aug 14, 2010


These two beautiful boys came to my home studio a few weeks ago. I am so in love with this shot!! It looks so natural and relaxed. I wish everyone could see their beautiful blue eyes. Gage looks just like his dad, Tony, and Gavin looks exactly like Bridgette, his momma. What a beautiful family!

Big brother Gage is the best little helper. I had Branson in his bouncy chair and he started to cry. While I was shooting pics of Gavin I turned to check on Branson (bc he'd stopped crying) and there stood Gage w/ him in his arms! What a little man!! He'd gone over, gave him his pacifier and picked him up. I almost cried. So, of course I had to snap a picture. :)

Oh my gosh this tugs at my heart. He looks so proud. :)

His mother is going to have to fight off all the girls with a stick! Not only is Gage an awesome big brother but he's also a state champion baseball player. Gage plays baseball with my nephew Jackson. This season they went to nationals in Michigan after winning the state title.

I love this shot of Gage. He's fast!!

Baby drool! I think this is so funny. No way would I ever edit out the slobber. :) It adds character to the photo. Look at his baby mohawk! What a cutie.

Precious! Makes me want another boy. :)

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