Aug 6, 2010


Since becoming a new mommy my love for newborn photography has been rekindled. These itty bitties are my absolute favorite to photograph. If you're interested in a newborn session email me through
Sessions need to be scheduled in your 8th-9th month of pregnancy. A newborn session should take place before the baby is 2 weeks of age. This will ensure your angel is sleeping soundly, doesn't have baby acne (which normally occurs after 2 wks), and positioning the baby is much easier.

Here are some of my faves:

This is Miss B. She is my beautiful niece. I shot this on my sister-n-law's couch!

This lil' angel is Adalyn Grace. She's 5 days old in this photograph. I shot this in the client's home, which is something I offer for new mommies. Sometimes its easier if I come to you to shoot  your newborn session. Email me if you're interested in an at-home session.

Mr. Griffin Hayse was 6 days old when I traveled to east Tennessee to photograph his session...And I was 34 weeks pregnant! This shot was taken in his nursery. Its one of my all-time favorite photographs.

This is has not been edited!! I didn't realize Griffin was peeing because I was focused on his sweet smile. I was sitting in the floor and felt something warm (and wet) on my foot. In his one session he peed on both my feet!!
 It was worth every drop. :)

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