Aug 13, 2009

Meet Lynlee, Pikeville High Student Rep

Lynlee is our Senior Student Rep from Pikeville High School. This summer she was a lifeguard and we thought it'd be fun to do some pool shots. It was sooooo cold. Thank you for being a good sport...and you can't even see her goosebumps!

Lynlee has amazing eyes and the camera loves her. This photo reminds me of a magazine ad. I love it when my subjects want to have a non-traditional photoshoot. I am proud to capture photos that reflect my style of photography AND the model's style and personality too.

Did I mention her shoes? Luv 'em. Lynlee looks great in bold colors. I love her style!

You gotta love a Southern girl! This is such an all-american, down home portrait of a Kentucky girl. LUV IT!

Thanks girl! Have a great Senior yr!

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